I have seen without fail, on a daily basis people taunting their own industry. Bodybuilders talking about how sh*t or dangerous crossfit is and ‘backing it up’ with a crossfit fail video. Crossfitters thinking they know everything and taunting the training methods of an athlete. Strength people taunting runners. Powerlifters taunting weightlifters and vice versa…. and it keeps going on from every single direction possible as it is all focused on the negative.

Now I’ll admit that some people do some pretty stupid and dangerous stuff. There are some things I have seen in videos that should never have happened but they probably learnt their lesson. However, just because of one mans action it doesn’t mean that method of training is bad.

If you want to be a better coach, athlete, fitness enthusiast, etc, etc then we need to stop being so narrow minded and negative and start opening our minds to other forms of training. We may not agree with everything done in crossfit or bodybuilding or yoga, or etc but there is always SOMETHING we can take from it.

We are ALL under the same umbrella of bringing health and fitness to the community and we should work together and adopt each others methods for the better of our clients. I am by no means saying ditch your speciality as we all specialise in something. I am simply saying broaden your knowledge.

As a strength coach, Instead of me taunting other methods of training I try to adopt something from them. I currently use methods in my clients programs from bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit and pilates. It makes me a more skilled coach. A better coach for my clients to be able to achieve the results they ask me for.

Lets Win!