Walk into any corporate gym and you will find the majority of women on the cardio machines while the men train in the weights section.

I have many female clients who have come to 360 to learn to lift weights because:

  • They can’t do it at their gym as it’s considered to be the ‘men’s section’, or in some cases the women’s weight section has been completely removed
  • They don’t have the confidence to lift weights
  • They don’t know how (often because they are scared to ask)
  • They are lead to believe lifting weights will make them bulky

One of my clients had all of the above fears and more, terrified of what people were thinking when she was in the weights section. After a few months of training with us, she overcame this fear to the point where she even competed in a lifting competition!

The fitness industry has become obsessed with the external image of the human body but has neglected the importance of developing mental strength

There is nothing wrong with training to look good, in fact, I encourage it because it is important that you feel good in your own skin. However, by not also focusing on your mental strength you are denying yourself the chance to perform at your maximum potential – not just in the gym.

It doesn’t matter how good you look or how much weight you’ve lost, if you are not both physically and mentally strong, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. You need to be mentally strong so you can face adversity in life and overcome them.

By lifting weights and taking on challenging tasks in the gym, you will learn how strong you really are. Every time you face these challenges you’ll likely tell yourself you CAN’T do it, until you tell yourself you CAN do it. It’s about finding that glimmer of mental strength in the corner of your mind and using that to tackle challenges. Your will power will be built upon each win and this very same will power is what you’ll use to face adversity in life.

The key is understanding that lifting weights is not just about getting a great butt and sexy abs but developing physical and mental strength that can be transferred into your everyday life.