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Paul Amiradaki

Creator of 360 Strength & Performance

This isn’t your average story and Paul isn’t your average personal trainer.

Growing up, Paul had a different life to most kids spending a lot of time in hospital, battling through multiple medical conditions and major surgeries. From the age of 2.5 years old Paul has; battled cancer, loss of hearing and speech as a side effect of chemo, near heart failure at the age of 12, pneumonia at age 14, and a heart transplant in 2001.

Because of these early health setbacks and encouraged by the time he and his brother spent with their parents at the gym - Paul developed a life-long passion for fitness and sports, both playing and spectating.

With the goal of living the healthiest life possible, Paul found a sport he could really get stuck into, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

“When I was 15 I struggled to walk up a flight of stairs. Today I have a total combined lift of 325kg!”

Starting his health and fitness career in 2010, whilst completing his Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport + Exercise Science), Paul launched 360 Strength + Performance on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2013 followed by the opening of the Warriewood facility in 2016.

Outside of the business, you’ll find Paul surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. He spends as much time outdoors as he can going for walks, chilling at the beach and socialising with mates over a BBQ and beers.

“My family, friends and clients have been, and still are, my inspiration to always keep going in health, life and business.”

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      “The gym has always been a place that has allowed me to become bigger, stronger and tougher, not just physically but mentally.

      Now I get to work with others to help them break through their own mental barriers, overcome life’s obstacles, and build confidence.

      I get so motivated when I see my clients take life by the balls and dominate!”